Bosch Module


Bosch Modules are strong partnership for future success. Due to the increasing networking of complex systems in modern vehicles, the demands placed on the workshop are increasing. Advanced testing technology and constantly up-to-date specialist knowledge form the basis for future success. With the modular concept of Bosch, you can safely meet the challenges of the future.

Bosch Module – BIS

  • 毓成企業社
  • 金和企業社
  • 中山柴油噴射幫浦行
  • 聯福噴射器行
  • 成侑柴油噴射器有限公司
  • 鉅太機械有限公司
  • 弘昇噴射邦浦行
  • 晉晟有限公司
  • 永豐噴射器有限公司
  • 鑫宏奇噴射器行
  • 威名噴射器行