Disc Brake Pads (eco)

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    Bosch Eco brake pads: whatever the weather, you can always rely on Bosch brake pads

    Bosch brake pads are designed to provide safe and reliable braking in all driving conditions. Made from top-quality materials, Bosch also offers special formulations tailored to suit the specific needs of the Asian market.

    All Bosch brake pads provide an ideal balance between performance, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Their core characteristic is a highly stable coefficient of friction. This ensures consistent braking performance, even at high speed, during heavy rains or severe temperature fluctuations.


    The non-asbestos organic friction material used in Bosch brake pads is suitable for all vehicle segments, including SUV-type vehicles.

    With more than 150 different products to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your vehicle.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Good noise and dust suppression
    • Low dust and long service life
    • Excellent friction stability and anti-shear characteristics
    • Asbestos-free, organic friction materials