S6 Hightec AGM

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  • Product Information

    Bosch Battery S6 Hightec AMG: ultimate power for the most demanding applications.

    The Bosch Battery S6 Hightec AMG is the ultimate solution for energy-hungry equipment or vehicles. It is 100 % maintenance-free, leak-proof and highly vibration-resistant. It is also able to withstand deep charging and discharging cycles, making it ideal for cars with the latest stop-start systems and for boats with luxury and comfort equipments.

    This advanced battery lasts longer even used continuously than any other battery available and recharges twice as fast due to the latest gel technology batteries. Minimal wear and high safety level delivers up to double the life of competitor products.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Absorbent battery acid on glass mat maximizes the number of charging and discharging by more than 300 cycles.
    • Pressure control valves minimize risk of explosions.
    • Maximum power for a wide range of energy-hungry applications
    • Lasts longer in continual use than any other competitors products
    • Can be charged using conventional charging equipment