EC9C fanfare horn

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    Electropneumatic Fanfares: Guaranteed to Draw Attention and Ensure Safety

    The perfect solution for every vehicle: Electropneumatic fanfare horns are the signalling devices most widely used in road traffic. Their penetrating sound makes them the preferred choice. They are available separately or in a set from Bosch.



    • Powerful volume in direction of travel
    • Long service life and dependability
    • Not affected by rust and flying stones
    • Vertical installation
    • Compact design
    • Can be used in place of horns
    • With DIN and ECE approval

    Technical Data

    • Volume: 110 dB (A)
    • EMC protection

    Areas of Application

    • Cars, SUV, Pick-ups
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    Product information

    Sound examples



    EC9-EVO Low


    EC9-EVO High


    EC9-C Low

    EC9-C High



    Windtone Low


    Windtone High

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